Letters from Katy

Fresh Fit New – creating my new blog!

Ladies, I must admit that this blog site is the product of a whim!

Last night, I sat in my thinking chair and asked myself “if I created a new brand, what would it be about?”

Over the past 11 years, I’ve enjoyed a successful career in the fitness industry doing many wonderful things and have YET to tire of the excitement that comes from helping deserving women as they live their best healthy lifestyle.

From coaching thousands of women around the US, I’ve found that most of us truly wish to become our best self…to be fully able to walk in our own unique life calling with joy.

Being physically and mentally fit is an important part of that, and in this blog I’ll share simple, quick, and effective ways to get and stay in your best shape so you can enjoy your life and serve those you love even better. What a beautiful goal!

The core 3 topics that I find myself living my life around are fresh food, fitness (in both mind and body), and new…all things new…new everything!

New opportunities, new mercies, new adventures, new outfits, new challenges, new restaurants…that’s just a tiny list, because most everything new is exciting to me! What about you?

Do you get the tingles when thinking about something new?

Last night, I got excited as I mapped out the vision for this blog on my paper with my purple Sharpie! Yes, being able to create a fresh, fit, and brand-spanking-new platform to expand my ability to share the things that are dear and helpful to myself with women who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle…that is pure joy!

So, on this NEW blog, you’ll find a host of fresh, clean, delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy! Videos and how-tos shot in my kitchen (with my 2 year old running around in her diaper and fuzzy boots on stealing Annie’s bunny snacks from the pantry because she knows I’m shooting and can’t stop her…oh the stinker!)

As a mom, I love to cook but hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so you’ll find the recipes have “cheats” but not chintz on the flavor so your guests will say “Yum!”

Also here, find my weekly workout schedule, exercise routines, playlists, fitness fashion, bikini model meal and training plans, product reviews, weekly meal ideas, and pro tips and tricks to get the most out of your exercise efforts. No matter where or how you train, you’ll find great resources to inspire you here!

Back to the blog…

Finally, I hope you’ll also visit for your daily encouragement and motivation. Living a healthy lifestyle is excellent work, but it isn’t always easy! No matter where you are in your journey right now, I’m sure you have some challenges to face. But take heart – every day is a brand new day! A fresh start. A new opportunity to live and love those placed in your life with your very best self! So let’s stay connected to one another as we “run the good race.”

I’d love to call you “friend” as we both go forward on the same mission: becoming our best self. How excellent!

Thank you for visiting me in here and supporting me in my new online adventure – I would love to share topics and ideas that YOU would find helpful in your own life, so I invite you to let me know what you would like to see on the blog.  If I can serve you by sharing it, I will certainly do so. My email address is freshfitnew@gmail.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Until then, enjoy this fresh, fit, new day!

Xoxo – Katyblank-blog-image

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