7 Day Exercise Plan (includes free download)

Four weeks ago, my family was living in Atlanta, and today, we are living in the adorable little beach town of Saint Augustine, Florida.  A lot can change in a week!

We are so grateful to have been able to move into a larger home, however the floor plan doesn’t easily allow for my home gym…but because our new community has a spa-like fitness center, my weight training sessions can be done there instead.  It’s a nice change, but change, non the less.

A lot can change in a week.  Maybe you’ve experienced a move, or an injury, or a childcare need that caused change.  Some changes are good…and some pose a challenge.  But when challenges come, new opportunities can always be found if we can think creatively.

I’ve learned that change happens to us all.

It can easily throw us out of our comfort zone or even completely off track.

That is why, several years ago, I started making my exercise routine once a week, and only for the week ahead.

No matter what’s going on in life, most of the time we know what is on our schedule a week out, so planning exercise just 7 days out will allow you to change your routine based on your schedule.

Every week is different, so a 7 day exercise schedule gives you the freedom and flexibility to schedule your training sessions around the other priorities in your life.

Some days you may need (or want!) to change the time or location of your exercise session due to travel or other obligations. Good leaders plan ahead, and this 7 day planning system makes that easy to do!

Even if you’re following a specific workout program, like the 21 Day Fix, a couch-to-5K running plan, Body Beast, etc, you can STILL use the 7 day planning system, and just plug those workouts into your week.

I highly encourage my clients to reassess and make changes to their exercise routines every 7 days based on how their body is responding to the exercise and nutrition plan they are following.  Athletes make adjustments often in order to maximize the time and energy they spend training, and that sounds  like a fantastic idea to anyone working on their fitness!

And now that I’ve been using the 7 day system for a few years, I’ve been more consistent and my workouts have been more effective – honestly, there are so many fantastic reasons to give this system a try!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On Sunday, review your calendar for the upcoming week.
  2. Schedule your exercise into your calendar around your other priorities.
  3. Be specific with what type of exercise you’ll do each day to stay balanced and continue moving towards your goals.
  4. Keep your appointments.

Snag this handy blank 7 day exercise plan template: right-click (or press if you’re using a mobile device) on the image to save it, and you can print it off and plug your own workouts right in! I’ve posted it here for you, below:


What to write in the FOCUS and ROUTINE sections:

Focus: whatever you will be focusing on during your workout (example, legs, yoga, total body).  Routine: the workout routine you’ll do (example: “Body Beast Bulk Legs” or “Running Plan.”

**I mention Beachbody On Demand because it gives you access to hundreds of full exercise routines – I use it myself, and download the routines I want to use for the week on my iPhone so I’ll be all set for the upcoming 7 days!  Try it here:

Wishing you a happy, fit, and fun week ahead!

XOXO – Katy

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