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Food vs. fitness?

While watching our sons play tennis, a fellow tennis mom asked “Why do you write more about food than you do exercise?” …and my answer is that food, (nutrition, what we eat) is much more important to our overall health, wellness, and life that our exercise.  Here’s why:

Time spent:  Exercise is done once a day (unless you’re training for an event or competition).  Eating takes place 3-6 times a day.  That’s a lot of time spent eating!

Choices:  We are constantly making choices, all day long, on what to eat.  It’s harder to stay on track with our nutrition when we have SO many opportunities to eat (and drink!).

Health:  truly, we are what we eat.  Roughly 80% of our overall health and fitness of our body is a direct result of what we have eaten, and our future self will be created by what we choose to eat.  It’s really important.


And I’ll be straight-up with you: as a fitness blogger, it’s just easier for me to share with you in real time.  As I go throughout my day, I document and share what I’m doing instantly via my Instagram, YouTube, and blog.  Most of my posts are right after the actual event happens.  And, since I eat many more times a day than I exercise, I have more content to share with my people 😊.

So, those are the reasons why I blog a lot more about the food, instead of the fitness.

Lord knows, exercise is very important for staying active, healthy, and fit…but it is about 10% of our overall health…

At 80%, food is key.  (Good) food brings life.  I believe that food is one of God’s greatest gifts to us.  And what a delicious gift it is!

You can find healthy recipes and tips for nutrition in the recipes section of the blog – and brand new posts with pictures several times a day (as it happens!) on my Instagram 😘

Eat fresh today!

Xoxo – Katy

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