(Simple!) Meal Prep Idea!

Listen girls…I am just in awe when I see meal-prep masters who spend 4 hours every Sunday, cooking and prepping a whole week’s worth of food they set in perfect little containers and place in the fridge for the week ahead…but that just doesn’t work for me.

Although I love to cook and serve delicious food to my family and guests, I abhor (deep hate!) spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  30 minutes is my MAX.  I can hear the time bomb ticking once I turn the burners on…

So I created a way to maximize my time in the kitchen AND meal prep…I call it what it is: Simple Meal Prep. 

Here’s the idea:

  1. Plan for dinners each week.  Have go-to breakfasts and snacks.
  2. Grocery shop for your dinners, breakfasts, and snacks.
  3. Visit only one store, once a week, for the items on the menu
  4. When you make dinner each night, make double the portions and container the second portion for lunches yourself and your family to enjoy the following day.


So I spend the same amount of time making dinner as I would if I made just enough for that one dinner…but I prepped for tomorrow’s lunch!  And it’s fresh 🙂

Let me just say, my anti-time-wasting self fell in love.  Love.  LOVE with this simple system that anyone can do to save TONS of time in the kitchen AND eat healthy, perfectly portioned meals!

Here’s a quick video on exactly how to do it:

To all the organized ladies out there prepping for the week – rock on with your awesome self!  You have my respect.

And for those of you who, like me, just don’t like to spend extra time in the kitchen – give this system a try.  You just might fall in love!

Whatever you discover that works for you, eat fresh today (and tomorrow!)

XOXO – Katy

Last night’s dinner / today’s lunch: Pan roasted broccolette and lemon tilapia:


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