Cranberry Mango Balayage Fizz Recipe

Living in Florida, it’s hot…even in the winter!  Fresh, fruity, sparkly water is always a great idea because it is a flavorful way to stay hydrated.

You’ll find me sipping on one every day.  This Cranberry Mango Balayage Fizz is so pretty, it had to go here on the blog!  (Recipe below)

cranberry fizz

The cranberry juice remains on the bottom of the glass if you don’t stir it, and creates a fabulous balayage look that makes people go “ooooo!”

Cranberry-Mango Balayage Fizz:


– ice
– splash of organic cranberry juice
– diced mango
– sparkling mineral water


Place ice in your favorite glass or fun beach mug (like my Kate Spade insulated tumbler).

Pour cranberry juice over ice.

Add mango and then slowly pour sparkling water over.

For the pretty balayage look, 🍹 don’t stir.




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