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Watermelon Mint Salad Recipe

I’m sorry friends – I completely forgot to post this recipe on the blog yesterday 😆 time flew away from me (actually, the club pool just opened and was calling my kids and I to it…we couldn’t resist that call 🤷🏽‍♀️).

Ok.  Back to the recipe!

This delicious watermelon mint salad is my take on the summer staple – without the sugary simple syrup, and addig lemon zest.

It is SO good!

It has delighted my family and guests these past few weeks, and has become my signature fruit salad.  Watermelon is a vegetable, and is packed with whole-food nutrition.  It’s perfect to help stay hydrated while enjoying summer beach and pool days.  

Many of you have asked for the recipe, and so here it is!


– 1/2 a small watermelon (about 4 cups) cubed

– 2 cups organic blueberries

– the zest of one lemon + juice of half a lemon

– 5 fresh mint leaves, diced


Add watermelon to a pretty bowl.  Add blueberries and stir.  Sprinkle lemon zest and mint over top, drizzle juice over all.  When you’re ready to serve the salad, gently toss it with a large spoon.

It’s simple, quick, and refreshing – I serve it either as dessert, as a side dish along with lunch or dinner, or all by its sweet self as a nutrition-packed snack!

Chef tip:

Scoop it into a glass for a delightful fruit-infused sparkling water (watermelon blueberry fizz recipe!), and save the juice to drink over ice or use as a naturally-sweet base for gin martinis!


Xoxo 😘 – Katy

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