Letters from Katy

Ladies: Your Most Important Work

In a busy world, it’s a rare treat to feel loved (highly regarded) by another person.  But I’ve learned that most successful women (in any area) are not afraid to love people.

From a high-stakes negotiating table, to shopping for their groceries…successful women consider every interaction with other human beings as an opportunity to love, respect, and have good-will towards them.

Showing love can be as simple as a question of interest “how are you doing?”, and truly want to know the answer; a listening ear “tell me about that,” and extend empathy; or even just acknowledging that person is present by looking them in the eye, smiling, nodding hello instead of just walking hurriedly by.

We all have a to-do list calling our name, and in most cases, it’s important work.

But the MOST important work, is loving people.

Be the woman who takes an extra moment to love people.  Be an uncommon woman Your impact and influence will go even deeper, and your most important work will be done

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