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My Top Workout Routines for Weight Loss, Bikini Competition, and Yoga

Our exercise plan should always work for us, and help us acheive our fitness goals. People constantly ask “Katy, what are you doing?” or “How do I lose weight?” “Get fit?” “Tone up?” so on…

And although every body responds a little differently to food and exercise, I wanted to share the specific details of what I’ve done over the years to acheive the fitness goals I’ve set for myself. It’s been much easier than I thought it would be, and I hope it will inspire you to feel encouraged in your own fitness journey!

In my life (so far!) I’ve needed a routine to help me:

  1. Lose Unhealthy Fat Weight
  2. Get into Bikini-Model Shape
  3. Get Flexible and Strong

I’m going to share exactly what I did in each of these three areas below:


I’ve needed to lose weight 4 times in my life: once to kick start my healthy lifestyle, and three times following the birth of my babies to lose that post-pregnancy weight (it got harder each time, too!)!  Food is 80% of our results, so I took my time learning how to eat properly, and the 21 Day Fix Portion Fix meal guide is the best nutrition plan I have come across…in over 10 years in the fitness industry!  Which is why I used it.  Exercise during weight loss is short (30 minutes), sweet (effective), and powerful (should include weight training 4-5x/week), and I discovered the 21 Day Fix Workouts did exactly that.  Loved them and the easy weight loss that came after a few short months!  Fan.

Workout Routine: 21 Day Fix Workout Routine. Followed the calendar over and over again, never plateaued or needed to change it.  Lost 10 pounds each month until back to healthy weight.

Nutrition: 21 Day Fix Portion Fix Meal Plan, modified as my body responded, and Shakelogy and supplements every day, clean-eating 80% of the time.


A few weeks after my 3rd baby was born, I turned 30 years old and decided to compete in a bikini physique event at a national level.  3 months later, I walked the stage and took home the crystal 4th place trophy…which was enough for me (I just wanted the trophy)!

Workout Routine: Body Beast and Sagi’s BOD Exclusives from Beachbody On Demand. I started the Body Beast routine as instructed in the calendar, and then modified the training schedule each week as my body responded (I ended up doing legs 3 days/week using Body Beast and Sagi’s BOD Exclusives Leg workouts, and skipping the upper-body routines altogether).

Nutrition: Body Beast Nutrition Plan (changed weekly as my body responded), Shakeology and supplements every day, clean-eating 100% of the time.


After giving birth to three babies (with the last one causing diastis recti), I knew that I needed extra stability in my spine and core to prevent injuries from happening.  I also wished to increase my balance and flexibility to be able to do more things without barriers.

Workout Routine: Three Week Yoga Retreat from Beachbody On Demand.  I did the full 3 week retreat, and now incorporate 1-2 yoga sessions into my weekly workout schedule.

Nutrition: Shakeology and supplements every day, and clean-eating 80% of the time.

Misc tools: Regular chiropractic and functional medicine care.  Yoga mat and yoga block.

Friend, I hope these details have been helpful to you!  I shot a quick video explaining it a little more:

DISCLAIMER: These three fitness plans have worked really, really well for me.  Exercising from home or on the go using my cell phone while I was in the “baby-having” stages of my life was important, and I used (and still use!) Beachbody’s programs and products because they help me to reach my goals perfectly.  It makes sense that I rep for the brand that has made my healthy lifestyle so easy, so I’ve attached product links for you to explore them if you so choose.

I hope my real-life example is helpful to you as you work your own plan and choose the tools that will help you do it well 🙂  Please review this blog from that perspective, and if you have any questions about your own fitness plan, you can email me here: katygillis@gmail.com .

With so much hope for you as you create the fitness plan that is perfect for you,


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