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How to Create a Weight Loss Plan

Anything worth doing takes planning, and if your fitness goal includes losing weight, here’s how to create your own weight loss plan:

  1. Find your Why.
  2. Set your Goals.
  3. Choose your Tools.
  4. Select a Start Day.
  5. Work your Plan.

This sounds simple, and it most certainly is.  Creating your own weight loss plan is not complicated – but it does take a little work to plan, a little work to execute, and a willingness to put in that work, every day, until goals are achieved.

In this article, I’ve gone into detail on how to do each step, as well as given my own example of how I created my own (most recent!) weight loss plan:

Untitled design (21)

  1. Find your Why:  What is it that inspires you to lose weight?  Don’t be shy – choose your real reason, and write it down.  Example: my inspiration for losing weight was my husband – I had recently given birth to our third child, and wanted to be able to “bounce back” and do all the active, fun things we enjoyed doing together, and I wanted to look good for him, too!
  2. Set your Goals.  Based on where you are now, what are specific goals you wish to achieve?  I suggest choosing ONE goal, and be as specific as possible.  Example: I want to lose 30 pounds.  Trainer tip: I usually suggest not to attach a specific date to a weight loss goal.  Everyone’s body responds a little differently to exercise and nutrition, and as long as  your body is responding well to your plan, eventually you’ll settle into your goal  weight.  
  3. Choose your Tools:  Consider your lifestyle and schedule when choosing your tools.  The best tools are the ones that will work for you, and that will most likely help you reach your goals.  This should include an exercise routine and accessories like dumbbell weights or bands, and a healthy nutrition plan that follows a “clean,” Mediterranean diet.  Example: since my last weight loss goal was to lose 30 pounds and my schedule was tight (I had a sweet new baby to care for) I chose home-based weight loss program “the 21 Day Fix” and followed it and the (amazing!) Portion Fix meal plan that came with it.  I exercised first thing in the morning with my infant daughter cooing beside me in her bouncy chair 🙂
  4. Select a Start Date.  This coming Monday is the PERFECT day to start!  Fitness is a part of everyday life, so no matter what’s going on in your schedule, you can begin this coming Monday – I assure you, you can.  Anything worth doing takes planning, so look at your schedule for next week and plug your exercise sessions into your schedule, and then launch!  It doesn’t matter what time of day you schedule your exercise in, it only matters that you keep your appointments.  And remember to choose the tools that will work easily for you!  Example – As I already shared, I had a tight schedule to keep, so I chose home based program the 21 Day Fix because I had access to the workouts and meal plan instantly and I could begin on Monday, easily.  If I had of chosen to join a fitness center instead, I would have to drive to and from, with infant in tow, and spend 2 hours instead of 30 minutes to get the same results!
  5. Work your Plan:  You’ve invested both time and money, so don’t give your plan less than your best.  Remember your “Why” every day, hang out and follow fit-focused friends, and stay positive.

Believe in you – if I can do it, you can do it, too.  I’ve successfully lost weight four times in my life (so far!) and I’ve coached thousands of other women through their own weight loss journey over the years, so I know this simple 5 step system works.

If you chose the right tools and work your plan, you will acheive your goals; it’s only a matter of time.  You’ll slip into your “goal” dress, and that dress will be a wonderful dress, indeed!

PS – Your goals may not include weight loss; check out this article where I share some of my favorite tools for other fitness goals.

Happy planning!

XOXO – Katy

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