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Your Morning Routine

The success of energetic, healthy, productive women can often be attributed to their morning routine.  If she is physically fit, calm in times of stress, and highly effective at her tasks, she has probably created those abilities through simple actions to fill her own bucket before the start of each day.  Filling your own bucket – first – allows you to effectively pour into others.   

For me, my morning routine is my foundation.  It delivers everything I need to do well today.

Without it, I find myself easily flustered, unorganized, rushing through the day trying to “catch up” and left feeling guilty…usually because I know the truth…

If I don’t do my morning routine, it means that the most important parts of my personal and professional growth have not been done yet, and may not get done at all, today.

Can you relate? 

As servant leaders, we don’t wish for even one day to go by where we don’t invest in ourselves or others.  Our husband, children, clients, and community – literally anyone we connect with today – need our buckets to be full when they encounter us!

Because of this, my morning routine is absolutely crucial.  So is yours.  I would not be as productive in any area of my life if I didn’t continue the morning routine habit.

I’ll share my morning routine below so you can see what I do in the wee morning hours:

morning routine

My morning routine:

  • Wake up.
  • Sip a 16 ounce glass of lemon water, while reading scripture and praying.
  • Exercise.
  • Drink Shakeology for breakfast, while reading a personal development book.
  • Prayer, calendar review, and write my “top 3” items on my to-do list.

Ahhh.  As I head to the shower after these items are done, my body and mind feel awake, energized, and ready to start this day!

Sounds so sunny, doesn’t it?

At the expense of sounding cheesy, “inner sunshine” is exactly what we need to start the day off right, and, thankfully, inner sunshine can be created.  I create it by accomplishing my morning routine.  So can you 🙂

This routine takes about 60 minutes which means I choose to wake up an hour before I “need” to.  Though I am still groggy and never feel like getting out of bed earlier, I slip into my workout outfit and complete my morning routine anyway.  And feel the sunshine and accomplishment a few minutes after I begin!

Why a morning routine?

We can all shake our heads in agreement that our brain and body need to be “woken up” in order to do great work.  When we stretch and do physical exercise first-thing in the morning, our heart is able to pump blood, oxygen, and nutrients through the body and literally wake us up from our spine out to our fingertips and even refresh the delicate skin cells in our faces – delivering the gift of health.  Perfection!

When we have a highly-nutritious breakfast directly following our morning workout, our freshly “awakened” body is able to deliver those nutrients to our entire body in a highly effective manner.  Our body can assimilate (use) the nutrients to recover, heal, and cleanse us from the inside, out.  If we’re going to exercise and eat anyway, may as well maximize the benefits!

So when I say that after my morning routine my body feels “Awake, energized, and ready for the day!” I really mean it!

Morning Routine Tools:

The tools I list below are the ones that work perfectly for me.  I don’t mean this to be selfish, but to be authentic.  Like all of my articles, I speak from personal experience in order to provide a real example, as some may wonder “What does she use?”

These tools also work perfectly for my clients because most of my clients are high-achieving women who either travel a lot OR who are like me and simply don’t have the time to waste on tools that don’t work.  Even the busiest people want to be healthy, energetic, and fit.  These tools deliver.

So if you’re like us, you’ll love these tools:

  • Exercise: Beachbody on Demand.  This versatile smartphone, smart TV and Desktop app gives us access to the best exercise routines on the planet – and I’m not exaggerating.  Live-streaming Yoga, kickboxing, weight training, and total body cardio workouts anywhere we are in the world is a function and flexibility we absolutely LOVE having!
  • Superfood shake: Shakeology.  You know that there are many shakes on the market, but Shakeology is my choice because none compare to it’s nutritional profile.  It it top-tier for both nutrition and quality, neither of which we choose to compromise.

Note: Although Shakeology can benefit those looking to shed unhealthy weight due to it’s natural internal cleansing properties, I recommend it (and use it myself) as a complement to a healthy lifestyle plan.  It is a clean, whole food multi-vitamin-mineral supplement, protein shake, and nutritional meal replacement all in one.  It is perfectly balanced for fueling the body after a workout…so for a Maximizer like me, getting all of that in one glass is perfect!

Alarm, Lights, Action!

Now that I’ve shared my case for a morning routine, I hope that you are able to take a moment to ask how it may help you:

  1. If you already have a morning routine, re-assess it:  What ideas can you add to make it work even better for you?
  2. If you do not have a (intentional) morning routine:  Would it benefit you to begin a morning routine similar to mine?

And finally, ask yourself what areas of life are most important to you?  In what ways can you become a better person?

Actions that are directly associated with your answers should always be in your morning routine so that not a day will go by when you didn’t move toward your own goals and dreams.  

I can’t highlight that point enough.  It’s why we create an intentional morning routine in the first place – to become better women in the areas that are special to us using the tools that work perfectly for us.

For example:

My time with God, personal and professional development, and physical health are important to me because I know that being a better woman in those areas will allow me to serve my family and people better.  So actions associated to them are what my morning routine is made of.  Because I like to maximize time and value quality, I use Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology as my tools.

I hope this article has been valuable to you as you work to become an even better woman in the areas that are most important to you.

I’d love to know: what did you LOVE about this article?  Something that affirmed or inspired you?  Share it below:

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