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Healthy After School Snack Ideas

Hey there fit mommy!

If you’re like me, I am always looking for new ideas on healthy snacks to feed my three precious little ones, and this is where I share some of my kid’s favorites! Constantly creating, I’ll be updating this post regularly, so save it as a favorite and come back anytime you want to browse and add new ideas to your weekly routine!

You can rest easy knowing that everything I share on the blog follow my family’s dedication to eating a clean, well-balanced, 100% all-natural diet.

That means no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals, and lots of fresh fruits, healthy fats, all-natural carbohydrates, nuts, and veggies!  Pairing a protein with a carb every time.  I do throw some treats into the mix, but even the lemonade and cookies I choose will be held to the same all-natural standards.

And finally, if you’re short on time and need to go to only ONE store for your weekly grocery shopping, you’ll love to know that I shop at only one store, my local Costco in Jacksonville, Florida.  I’ve fallen in love with the high-quality ingredients available there, just call me a Costco fan!  My weekly meal menu, recipes, and snack lists are all created from what I can snag there.  And it’s all really good!

So let’s get to it: my favorite healthy snacks for children:

Organic Blueberry Protein Muffins:


Oh. M. Gee.  This is a family and neighborhood favorite…they can’t even sit down before diving in!  Although I typically go for a snack I don’t have to spend too much time on, this one takes a mere 15 minute to prepare, 20 minutes to bake and that makes them easy!  If you make them an hour or so before the kids arrive home, your house will smell amazing, and everyone will be absolutely delighted!  Recipe here.

French bread, cheese, and fruit spread:

Fresh baked French country loaves, some Swiss, Gouda, cheddar, and Havarti cheese from variety pack, dried tart cherries, and fresh black grapes.  They loved it! And, because the heat index was 115 today and my kids ride their bikes to and from school, I chose a special treat for today with organic cucumber mint limeade, diluted with San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, and poured over ice.  So refreshing and light with the sparkling water! (I have to admit – my husband and I joined them in this snack…it was so good!)

Guacamole on baguette:

Healthy snacks (1)

Again, I grabbed all of the items I needed from my weekly Costco trip!

Fresh baked French baguette, sliced thin, topped with organic guacamole in individual serving packets you’ll find in the cooler section close to the hummus.  This is one of my 9 year old daughter’s favorite snacks, which I love because it’s so very healthy! This is also a great snack to pack for school lunch.

Watermelon and cashews:


It seems simple, and it is!  I was asked to snap pics of the items I use, and here I’ve used Kirkland (Costco!) brand organic raw cashews for the healthy fat, and half of one of the mini watermelons in thick slices for the fresh fruit that balances this delicious after-school snack.  Since watermelon re-hydrates after a hot day on the PE field, it’s an excellent choice for August/September.  Costco offers the mini watermelons in a convenient 2-pack, and I usually slice one for the kids and the other for a refreshing watermelon mint salad for the adults.  Win, win!

Pizza bites:


I don’t serve them often, but when I do, I snack too!  These are my children’s absolute favorite after school treat – all-natural, nitrate-free pepperoni pizza bites!  They take just 15 minutes to bake in the oven and are a guilt-free way to enjoy pizza!

Find them in the freezer section of your local Costco for a mere $9.99 for 120 – at least 6 snack sessions for my crew.

***More to come…I’ll be posting new ideas weekly 🙂 XOXO – Katy

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