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October Fit Girls Beachbody Challenge!

October CG Event Cover

Ah! So excited!

We’re kicking off A FRESH NEW ROUND of fitness, nutrition, and support in our amazing new Fit Girls Beachbody Challenge Group!

(((But be forewarned – it’s not for everyone)))

Watch as I explain what we’re doing / who this group is for:

I’m filling THIS particular group with women who – like me – believe that being fit is a part of who they are and who they should be ♥

They know that having the energy, vitality, and joy to do life well is a part of their unique purpose ♥ Being fit means we are the best for our husbands, children, and community! It’s about so much more than “just fitness.”

If that’s you, then come and join me in October for a true Beachbody Challenge Group!

*If you’ve never been a part of my groups, I can’t even wait to plug you in!!!

**And if you HAVE been a part of one, come on in again fit girlfriend!!! We’ve got a spot for you ♥

I’m inviting women in the USA, CA, and UK to join me and my “Fit Girls” as we go through the FULL Beachbody System for fitness, nutrition, and support ♥ maximizing our time and achieving a fresh new level of fitness, together!

This group is perfect for on-purpose women who want to get and STAY fit, regardless of the challenges life throws our way!

We will achieve our fitness goals, have fun, and continue to be “strong for our tasks!” together!

If you feel like you belong with us, then do this:

1. Watch this overview video above.
2. Apply to join our group.
3. Check your email inbox: I’ll be sending your next steps!


If you’d like to see where you’ll be “doing your fitness with us,” go ahead and take a sneak-peek into the Challenge Group: Fit Girls Facebook Group. We’re adding new members NOW to officially kick things off on October 2nd!

I can’t wait to plug you into what works so well for women like us ♥

Join us!  You may just love it 😉 and this may be the perfect time to try something new with some truly great people!

XOXO – Katy

Questions? Want to know if this is the right fit for you?

Ask them here and I’ll get back to you ♥

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