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How to Join Team Beachbody: instruction for a new U.K. Coach

Okay, as of this morning, Team Beachbody is LIVE in the U.K. and its finally YOUR TURN to join the Team as a Beachbody Coach!!! So exciting!

I’m in London right now training our brand new Team, and I know so many people weren’t able to make it live, so I’m sharing the sign-up instructions with you here: (step by step below)

Here are the instructions to officially join:

1. Go to:

2. Then hit COACH, then ORANGE Coach Box, and fill out the rest of the info.

3. If it asks for my Rep ID#, it is 745452 and name (Katy Gillis). *you get to choose the Coach to mentor you, so if you already have one in mind put their information in. If not, welcome to my team!

4. Also, if you aren’t already on Beachbody On Demand, you’ll want to get the All Access Challenge Pack.

5. If you ARE on BOD, you’ll probably want to the Shakeology & Portion Fix (it’s called the Completion pack). This way, you have IT ALL!

6. Then you have an option to add individual options if you’d like. Then hit CONTINUE.

7. Complete shipping information and payment.

8. Review, then SUBMIT ORDER. You will get a confirmation screen and email to print and save if you’d like.

9. YOU ARE NOW A COACH!! Officially, you are a founding U.K. Coach! Welcome to the TEAM!

10. It may take 10 minutes or so, but you will receive a welcome email from Team Beachbody with your log in instructions.  Once you can log in, you can send people to your personal Beachbody Website site to sign re open for business!  I will send you a welcome email connecting with you to help you get your business started right…so very exciting!

For questions or if these directions don’t work for you, email me

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