What I Feed My Kids When They Are Sick: Natural Remedy.

This morning, my youngest two woke up with the congestion and cough that’s been going around😷

Catching colds is a part of life, but we can help bring our bodies back into wellness with the most powerful medicine on the planet: food 🍋🍓🥑

Here’s what I feed my kids when they’re sick👇🏼
(I hope this helps as you navigate through cold season🙅🏻!) xoxo Katy


What I feed my kids when they’ve caught a cold:

1. Pure water
2. Lemon water
3. Raw organic vegetables
4. Raw organic fruits
5. Shakeology

Usually this natural remedy gets them back in the game in 1-2 days, with no medication (ever).

This allows their little bodies to get back to a state of wellness without anything holding it back.

I’ve given my oldest daughter, Livy, Motrin 3 times (before I knew how powerful food was) but Liam and Tory have never had medication.

Like, I think I grew up on Dimetapp, Robitussin, and Tylenol 😂

But I was sick with colds more often than my babies are, and down for longer periods of time.

Catching colds is a part of life, but helping our immune system heal the body by giving it what it truly needs (instead of just managing symptoms) is such a gift!

Especially for our children – we can give them every opportunity to be well, and when sick, to return to wellness, naturally.

I am thankful to know about and use the power of healing foods.  So simple, even I could learn and apply it…and now I get to share it with you 💜

Whole foods are living foods, and living foods are healing foods 😌 God designed them that way.  And it is good 🏆.

Shakeology fits here perfectly, because it is a whole food supplement that offers plant-based proteins, amino acids, adaptogens, phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants that our bodies absolutely crave when trying to fight disease and illness!  Even though I give my children Shakeology every day to fill any nutritional gaps, I give them a second serving on sick days 🙂

Give this natural remedy a try the next time you or your loved ones are sick.  Don’t forget to tell me what you experienced 👍

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