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Your Morning Routine

The success of energetic, healthy, productive women can often be attributed to their morning routine.  If she is physically fit, calm in times of stress, and highly effective at her tasks, she has probably created those abilities through simple actions to fill her own bucket before the start of each day.  Filling your own bucket… Continue reading Your Morning Routine

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My Top Workout Routines for Weight Loss, Bikini Competition, and Yoga

Our exercise plan should always work for us, and help us acheive our fitness goals. People constantly ask “Katy, what are you doing?” or “How do I lose weight?” “Get fit?” “Tone up?” so on… And although every body responds a little differently to food and exercise, I wanted to share the specific details of what… Continue reading My Top Workout Routines for Weight Loss, Bikini Competition, and Yoga

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What to eat while on your period

Bloating, headaches, abdominal pain and fatigue are some of the many unpleasant symptoms that accompany the end of our monthly cycle. While I am not a doctor, I am a woman who studies food and it’s affect on the body, and I’ve found that following an anti-inflammatory diet can be extremely helpful in eliminating most of the negative side effects of… Continue reading What to eat while on your period

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Ladies: Your Most Important Work

In a busy world, it’s a rare treat to feel loved (highly regarded) by another person.  But I’ve learned that most successful women (in any area) are not afraid to love people. From a high-stakes negotiating table, to shopping for their groceries…successful women consider every interaction with other human beings as an opportunity to love,… Continue reading Ladies: Your Most Important Work

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How do you get abs, really?

At a social event last week, a woman…after discovering I am in fitness…said what many women have over the years: “Katy, I know abs are ‘made in the kitchen,’ but how do I get abs…really?” Me: “You’re right about abs being made by what you eat…but what do you think that means?” She replied with the… Continue reading How do you get abs, really?

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Fresh Fit New – creating my new blog!

Ladies, I must admit that this blog site is the product of a whim! Last night, I sat in my thinking chair and asked myself “if I created a new brand, what would it be about?” Over the past 11 years, I’ve enjoyed a successful career in the fitness industry doing many wonderful things and… Continue reading Fresh Fit New – creating my new blog!